CCEMA Pray News for tomorrow, May 20 (Wed)

  • Praise the Lord that most of churches are making use of online technology for Sunday Worship, Bible Study, Prayer Meetings etc.
  • Pray for postpone Cantonese Devotional Meeting to September, if the covid-19 is still not yet under control, we will further postbose it to nest year.
  • Pray for IDMC Conference 2020 conducted by CCCOWE
  • Pray for all gospel organizations and mission boards to have enough funding and resources to serve communities and their mission fields.
  • Pray for Manna Counselling Centre to lead the Virtual Monastery in this month.
  • Pray for Josef to go out of town for his chaplain service in the Covenant Health
  • Pray for Bob that he is still keeping in contact with his coordinators and volunteers to serve for seniors in Asia.
  • Pray for Daniel to conduct Bible study by wechat and training workshop by zoom.
    Remember Covid-19 spreading all over the World by prayers.

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