CCEMA Praise & Prayer News for May 27 morning prayer

  • Praise our Lord! as far as I didn’t hear about any Chinese Pastors in Calgary have covid-19.
  • Pray for Dr, Irene Tran and Benson Tse who are under medical treatments
    Pray for Hao Hong-oi, Elijah Lee, and Michael Zhang, may the Holy Spirit guidesthem for their new ministry.
  • Pray for all missionaries who are still working in their mission fields. May Holy Spirit guidesand protests them.
  • Pray for coming Cantonese Devotional Meeting, whether to conduct in September or in next year.
  • Pray for IDMC Conference 2020, dates September 25-26, speakers: Edmon and Ann Chan.
  • Pray for Manna Counselling Centre to lead virtual monastery.
  • Pray for Josef to go out of town for his chaplain ministry in the Covenant Health.
  • Keep in pray for Covid-19 soon be under control and don’t be spread out over everywhere.