CCEMA Prayer News on June 17

  1. Pray for those who are still under medical treatments. They are Dr. Irene and Pastor Benson.

  2. Pray for Pastor Daniel, his volunteer Chaplain in Foothill hospital starting June 18, on every Thursday.

  3. Pray for Pastor Michael who is going to take up a new ministry in the Edmonton Chinese Alliance Church in this month.

  4. Pray for all missionaries who are still working in their mission fields. May Holy Spirit guides and protects them.

  5. Pray for Pastor Leonard who will take up the Associate Executive Director (AED) responsible for the oversea mission.

  6. Pray for IDMC 2020 Conference dates September 25-26, speakers: Pastor Edmon and Ann Chan.

  7. Pray for Calgary Virtual Retreat starting from the Father Day (Sunday) and end on June 23 (Tuesday).

  8. Pray for Pastor Albert, his future training mainly in the mission field.

  9. Pray for Pastor Josef, his chaplain ministry in the Covenant Health 3 days per week.

  10. Keep in praying for Covid-19 to be under control and re-open more business soon.