CCEMA Prayer News for August 5

  1. Pray for our Executive Members Meeting this morning just after our morning prayer.
  2. Keep on praying for Mooki, his next round chemo will be on August 17, if his body is ready.
  3. Pray for Pastor Benson who will have another CT Scan this month to monitor the size of the tumor.
  4. Pray for Dr. Irene, she has a problem with stomach gas which affects sleeping time and her Ct Scan on August 7.
  5. Pray for Josef to travel mercy everyday for a total of 3 to 4 hours on highways and his seeking a ministry back to Calgary.
  6. Pray for the Uplink to serve in media (Facebook) starting in this month and the Sobem’s evangelical meeting open to different major cities across Canada in all time zone in near future.
  7. Pray for Hong Kong Bible Conference meeting from August 1 to 10.
  8. Pray for Mental Health Summit to be conducted by CCM, frrom August 22 to September 11. For details, please refer to the forward registration
  9. Pray for 2020 IDMC speakers Rev. Edmon and Ann Chan by online conference cross Canada during september 25-26.
  10. Keep on praying Covid-19 to be control and re-open more business soon.