CCEMA Prayer News for August 19

  • Praise the Lord! Mooki went back home after couple months in hospital. His medical treatment is still going on.
  • Pray for Bob’s mission project for caring senior in township location
  • Pray for Dr. Irene, Pastor Benson, and Josef; may our Lord put His healing hand upon them.
  • Pray for our executive meeting on August 26.
  • Pray for the CCM, Uplink and Sobem, their ministry, outreaching by medium.
  • Pray for 2020 IDMC Conference online across Canada during September 25-26.
  • Keep in praying Covid-19, to be under control and re-opening business.
  • Pray for all seminaries to recruit new students.
  • Pray for WOL will be started to study the book of Genesis from Sept.15 of 12 lessons.