CCEMA Praise & Prayer News for June 10 morning prayer

Praise our Lord! as far as I know that no Chinese Pastors in Calgary have covid-19.
Pray for Dr, Irene, her digestion back to normal.
Pray for Benson who is still under medical treatments
Pray for Pastor Michael Zhang, may the Holy Spirit guides his new ministry in Edmonton.
Pray for all missionaries who are still working in their mission fields. May Holy Spirit guidesand protests them.
Pray for Pastor Leonard who will take up the Associate Executive Director (AED) responsible for oversea mission.
Pray for IDMC Conference 2020, dates September 25-26, speakers: Edmon and Ann Chan.
Pray for Calgary Virtual Retreat starting from the Father Day (Sunday) and end on June 23 (Tuesday).
Pray for Pastor Albert, his future ministry mainly in mission training for missionaries.
Pray for Josef to go out of town for his chaplain ministry in the Covenant Health.
Pray for Pastor Daniel, his volunteer Chaplain in the Foothill hospital.
Keep in pray for Covid-19 soon be under control and don’t be spread out over everywhere.

2019 全卡城國語培靈、研經會

2019 全卡城粵語培靈、研經會

地點:卡城華人宣道會城西堂 6600 Country Hills Blvd., NW Calgary
時間:7:30pm – 9:30pm

地點:卡城華人播道會 1706 20 Ave N.W.
時間:9:30am – 11:30am2019 Devotional Meetings - Mandarin